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 Residential & Commercial window cleaners for Kensington W8 W14 Holland Park, Notting hill

Call now for a super window cleaning service working in Kensington to keep your dwelling or work site looking it’s best. We regularly clean Tall Town Houses and Mansion size windows inside and out the traditional way for some of London’s finest residencies. Reliable smart trusted professional window cleaning for over 25 years, supplying a premier service. We promise to work with you to find a safe solution to keep your windows looking their best.


or call / text on 07495 385752


Call on 07495 385752 get professional window cleaning to the highest standard with Kensington Window Cleaning Company.

New London towers

We offer a Traditional window cleaning service and High Reach Poles for Large Commercial buildings

We at Kensington window cleaning company carry out traditional residential window cleaning for town houses and for commercial buildings we have Pure water fed long reach Pole cleaning, when working at high levels we use safety devices, plus 20 years abseiling professional experience, you can be happy all your windows will be cleaned safely.

Window cleaner in notting hill

• Regular and reliable window cleaners in Kensington W8 W14 postcodes
• Residential Houses, Flats and Commercial window cleaning in W8 W14 Kensington
• Commercial window cleaners in London
• Window cleaners with recommendations in Kensington W8, W14
• Abseiling window cleaners in London
• High Level window cleaning company in Kensington, W8, W14
• High Lift Platform window cleaners in London
• Contractors in Kensington with the worlds longest lightest sturdy Pure filtered water fed poles that reach up to 5 large floors in Kensington including large hotels and Schools.



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Industrial Abseiling since 1999 for high level cleaning and maintenance purposes.

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