Gutter Cleaning

We use Industrial Abseiling skills when cleaning Gutters, for the highest possible safety procedures, call Kensington Gutter cleaning, we can clean and repair Gutters in West London

Kensington Gutter Cleaning offer a cost effective gutter cleaning and repair service to homes and businesses in Fulham Hammersmith Kensington and Chelsea.

Damaged gutters can be dangerous not only to your property but also to yourself and your family. Without the required tools and experience, repairing them yourself can be just as dangerous.

Annual Maintenance Plans

The Essential

  • Remove all debris from gutters.
  • Check downspouts to ensure there are no clogs and clean as necessary.
  • Check sealants on all joints – (extra cost incurred if reseal is necessary or requested by customer)

The Ultimate

  • Remove all debris from gutters.
  • Check downspouts to ensure there are no clogs and clean as necessary.
  • Check brackets to ensure gutters are properly fastened and replace if necessary.
  • Clean all UPVc guttering, Fascias, Soffits
  • Clean all windows, window frames and doors

If blocked/faulty gutters are left too long it can cause serious water damage to your property, encourages mould growth and damp, the end result could potentially be very costly to repair.
So why not fix the guttering issue before it gets any worse and call out the professionals to make sure the rain water is lead safely away from your property and ultimately protecting your property.

  • Fully insured
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Complete West London coverage

If your gutters become blocked, you also run the risk of having them crack or split. Kensington Gutter Cleaning can fix drips, leaks, broken, sagging, blocked and overflowing guttering, returning them to a working condition.

We can provide an interior and exterior clean to your gutters and also unblock the downspouts.

Call Kensington Gutter Cleaning today to talk to us about your gutter cleaning and repair requirements.

How to Reduce Gutter Cleaning Maintenance and Costs

After having the gutters cleaned out, you could consider installing a gutter guard, such as a mesh, grill or brush. These will keep leaves, twigs and roof moss out of the guttering and will reduce the overall maintenance of the roof gutters. You could also have the moss from the roof removed and a chemical treatment applied to the tiles to prevent re-growth. Also consider cutting back any overhanging tree branches.

Gutter’s are normally cleaned after the leaves fall in Autumn and right through the cold period of Winter.


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 Kensington Gutter Cleaning company promise to find a safe solution to clean your Gutters.

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