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Kensington Window Cleaning CompanyCoronavirus Decontamination

Considering  the current COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak now effecting the UK, Kensington window cleaning company has taken special measures to help tackle the potential epidemic and reduce its impact if at all possible. Although we are allowed to travel for cleaning, we only travel if essential. We understand our governments are too busy to consider our services, NHS need all the help they can get and we like to help. We have poured our time and money into new equipment and cleaning chemicals, we are developing our own refillable compression chamber filters, and now anti viral chemicals as well.

After our best year in Kensington cleaning huge glass roofs, specalising in deep cleaning stains on the most expensive brand new properties using acids and alkalis, and vast amounts of pure De-ionised water made usually on site, enabling me to filter many thousands of gallons of tap water to a pure state on demand, as fast as a tap can deliver! we’ve been designing large multi purpose reusable industrial inline water filters for treating heavy water, hoping to make it easier and cheaper for anyone to filter, maintain a good source of clean water. enabling filters to last many years at full speed in hard water areas like London.

Window cleaning at high levels, abseiling, or using pure water fed long reach poles. Pressure washing large tower blocks and specialist deep cleaning, removing stains with science and softwashing skills, pure rinsing everything for that super hydrophilic performance.

We strive to be as forward thinking for cleanliness, thorough, passionate about cleaning and professional appearances. consider the possible risks above and beyond for our ever supportive clients and look forward to seeing shops, offices, professional and public areas come to life again soon, schools are the majority of our work again this year, and we want to see everyone is safe.

Kensington window cleaning company are always ready, able to offer specialist cleaning and decontamination services to disinfect sites and help prevent the risk of infection. Ready for anything, using specialist equipment, progressively, quick with professional forward thinking solutions for you.

Contact us today to inquire about our cleaning & decontamination services, chemicals, water filtering, EN/BS standards , HSE , WHO products, services and disinfection.


We have to be happy to provide EU/BS standards as used in Schools in Hospitals, advise on old EU/UK standards, Biocide’s so safe you can probably drink them , or advise on super powerful products recommended by WHO we like to think we can excel the boundary provide large sites with the best possible 5 Star service. We have taken guidelines from HSE and been referred back to guidelines from WHO with legal permission to make produce our own Biocide to WHO Specifications and sell them, legally, untested here in the UK, ready if needed. We can even push that boundary to provide safer chemicals used in countries like Korea, where they fogg using an acid that is as powerful as bleach, safe to consume, identical to your immune system.

Latest government advice
  • Working in a home, professional cleaning can continue provided the person carrying out the work has no symptoms and that no-one in their household is shielding or self-isolating
  • Social distancing of at least 2 meters must be maintained
  • Travel to and from this type of work is allowed
  • No work should be carried out by any trades-person who has coronavirus symptoms, however mild
  • More details can be found on the government website here


Kensington window cleaning will only work if given the chance to disinfect otherwise we are keeping to the essential travel only lock-down plan.

We hope you are all well safe looking after yourselves, happy to recommend a homeless charity to those with cash to spare, God bless the real KEY WORKERS the charity Spear for picking up two homeless Guys for me and protecting them placing them in hotels, many thanks to our local priest for dying helping homeless people. I see people suffering i love you all.

We see a real possibility of advantages for those who had anti viral jabs like BCG for blood problems and also anti body blood for the lungs, we see hope for future covid patients

We look forward to the coming year, grateful to all you, this is just a few extra months for us, the rain started last September and was 5 months long. We are the self employed entrepreneurs ignored by the government, a luxury service made possible by our clients own high standards.

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