Notting Hill W11

Residential window cleaning in Notting Hill, otherwise known as domestic window cleaning, can be carried out using either the traditional ‘applicator and squeegee’ method or using the new water-fed pole technology.

Regardless of whether a window cleaner is using a squeegee and a set of ladders or purified water and the latest water fed-pole technology, it is important you find a window cleaner who has been approved, recommended, that provides a professional and reliable service and one who complies with current heath and safety legislation.

Keep your windows sparkling through out the year with our reliable services – We recommend 6 to 8 or 12 weekly cleaning. We also can arrange a once off clean.

Reason to use water-fed pure water cleaning system:

Better cleaning result: The pure water provides better cleaning results. The dirt particles are agitated using a purpose made, sort bristled brush and rinsed away using completely pure water. You may be surprised to know that no other chemicals are used. You will likely notice that your windows and frames stay cleaner for longer.

Heath & safety legislation: Legislation now limits the use of ladders. The water-fed cleaning methods allows us to carry out the works safely from the ground.

Increased Privacy: Many customers appreciate that they do not need to worry about the window cleaners suddenly appearing in the window.

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