Mayfair W1

Commercial and Residential

Window-Cleaners for Mayfair W1.

. For a fast friendly window cleaning service in Mayfair to keep your dwelling or work site looking its best. We promise to work with you to find a safe solution to keep your windows looking their best.


or call / text on 07495 385752


Call Kensington Window Cleaners for  a Mayfair Window Cleaner now on 07495 385752

Working in Mayfair since 1988 when I started with the oldest round in London which included Clarence House and Her Majesty’s Theater

We offer a Traditional window cleaning service and High Reach Pole cleaning for Large Commercial buildings in Mayfair

We at Kensington window cleaning company carry out Traditional residential window cleaning for Town Houses and for Large Commercial buildings we have Pure Water fed long reach Pole Cleaning, when working at high levels we use safety devices so you will be happy all your windows will be cleaned safely.


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